演 奏楽曲制作コラボレーション
"The People Weaving Water" to be Performed at Mai Kukubo Euphonium Recital



令和 4年 10月21日(金)

開場 17:45

開演 18:30


一   般  3,000円

高校生以下  1,000円



篠田楽器 076-254-0586

開進堂楽器 楽器センター金沢 076-221-1544

石川県立音楽堂チケットボックス 076-232-8632


On October 21, 2022 (Friday), the Mai Kukubo Euphonium Recital is scheduled to take place at Kanazawa Art Hall. During the event, “The People Weaving Water,” composed by our representative, Shinji Hirabaru, will be performed. We would be grateful if those in the vicinity could attend.

<Mai Kukubo Euphonium Recital>

Date: October 21, 2022 (Friday)

Doors Open: 17:45

Start: 18:30

■ Admission Fee ■

General: 3,000 yen

High School Students and Below: 1,000 yen

*All seats are free seating.

■ Ticket Sales ■

Shinoda Gakki: 076-254-0586

Kaishindo Gakki Center Kanazawa: 076-221-1544

Ishikawa Prefectural Music Hall Ticket Box: 076-232-8632

For more details, please check the following link: