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We are dedicated to exploring future musical expressions with the concepts of universality and cultural innovation.
The Ainu people, who have preserved their culture through oral tradition without a writing system, have developed oral literature such as Kamuy Yukar, which represents their sacred songs. Their unique melodies and rhythmic expressions resonate with simplicity and strength. Through rituals, they would dance for hours, and communication through music, as demonstrated by their lyrical poems and lullabies, was deeply rooted in their daily lives. Inspired by their way of life, rooted in the Jomon period, we sought to create an installation that allows people to experience their lifestyle through sound alone. Using three-dimensional sound technology, which enables sound placement in spaces without speakers, we aimed to create a sensation as if the Ainu people were dancing in a circle around the listeners. We focused on what is being lost with the progress of civilization. By utilizing new technology, we invite people into the profound spiritual world that truly existed in Ainu culture.