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Set in Kanazawa, this composition takes the concept of transforming songs while interacting with people.
Composed of the concept of the music continually evolving through different arrangements, such as piano solos, string quartets, jazz quartets, and ambient electric guitar. By creating memorable melodies regardless of the arrangement, the composition allows for widespread performance while maintaining its essential theme.
The following are the emotions embedded in the piece:
Kanazawa City has been fortunate to escape wars and major disasters for a long time, allowing the enduring beauty of Japanese nature to blend into the city and foster a rich culture. It was once a gateway to the continent across the Sea of Japan, serving as a hub for domestic and international exchanges. In the 21st century, where destruction can occur emptily, it is important to reconsider the meaning of ‘preserving.’”
You can watch a live performance at the following URL: https://youtu.be/JtP0k-CDCl0