Recording of "The People Weaving Water" at Kanazawa Citizen's Art Village






会場:金沢市民芸術村 里山の家(




2.げに百鬼夜行一幅の活図なり (3/20収録予定)


4.AfterWords (3/20収録予定)


7Left Alone

8.君の街まで (3/20収録予定)

9.水を編む人々 ピアノとヴィオラ版


Shinji Hirabaru, the resident artist at Kanazawa Citizen’s Art Village for the 2022 fiscal year, will be conducting a recording session for his series of compositions titled “The People Weaving Water” at the Satoyama House within the premises of Kanazawa Citizen’s Art Village.

The title track, “The People Weaving Water”,” was inspired by the flowing irrigation canals in the urban area of Kanazawa and aims to express the emotions of the city’s people and nature. Last year, a video performance of the same composition, which was held in Tokyo, garnered over 50,000 views shortly after its online release and continues to grow in popularity. (Link to “The People Weaving Water” YouTube video:

Additionally, several other compositions will be performed, including one based on the novel by Kanazawa’s renowned literary figure, Kyouka Izumi, titled “Geni Hyakkiyakou.”

[Recording Details for Shinji Hirabaru’s “The People Weaving Water “]

Date: March 20, 2023

Venue: Satoyama House, Kanazawa Citizen’s Art Village (

※Please contact Kanazawa Citizen’s Art Village if you wish to participate in the recording session.

Scheduled Tracks

  1. The People Weaving Water (Recording scheduled for March 20) ※
  2. Geni Hyakkiyakou (Recording scheduled for March 20)
  3. Waves of Autumn Harvest
  4. AfterWords (Recording scheduled for March 20)
  5. Samba de Regulus
  6. Kimi no Machi made (Recording scheduled for March 20)
  7. The People Weaving Water – Piano and Viola Version

Instrumentation: Guitars, Piano, Bass, Drums, Violin, Viola, Cello